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♡Lozione Abbondanza

Descubra el poder transformador del cuidado del cabello con ácido hialurónico. Cuida tu cabello para que recupere la salud y el brillo con nuestros lujosos productos exclusivos para salones, meticulosamente elaborados en Italia.


Revive Your hair

Lozione Abbondanza is the remedy your hair has been yearning for, a shock treatment against persistent hair loss. Enriched with potent Rosemary Extract and Nettle Extract, this elixir is a nurturing powerhouse for your hair, stimulating growth and purifying your scalp. Experience the revitalizing embrace as your hair gains strength, defying persistent hair loss, and emerging with newfound vigor. Let your hair rise above challenges and embrace a lush mane like never before.

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Ideal for:

Hair loss
Hair growth

Ampoules of Growth and Strength

Witness the Remarkable Transformation Against Hair Loss

  1. Embark on a hair rejuvenation journey by starting with a 5-minute scalp allergy test

  2. Once confirmed safe, generously apply Lozione Abbondanza to a clean scalp, taking care to avoid face and neck. This elixir needs no rinsing and can be used intensely or mixed with shampoo for a milder effect. 

Apply up to three times a week to revive your hair and let it experience the rejuvenating power of Lozione Abbondanza.

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 ♡ Keep Your Hair ♡ Love your hair ♡

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